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Windshield Repair

Quick Service Auto Glass has been helping residents of the Woodland Hills and surrounding areas in Los Angeles with auto glass repair services for more than 10 years. Due to the extreme temperature ranges that we can see in the local area throughout the year, our company recommends that clients address glass nicks, cracks, or holes in a quick manner in order to avoid potentially having to replace a windshield or other glass window in a vehicle at a later date. Our company offers a free lifetime warranty on all of our windshield repair work, and now provide a free mobile service for our customers who might be too busy (or just don’t want to fight traffic) to visit our main garage for service.

We provide free mobile service to provide any windshield repair on any make and model. If your windshield already has a significant crack, then you will likely need our windshield replacement service. To make sure that our staff can help answer questions for you, we man our call center around the clock and can dispatch our mobile repair team when convenient for you after obtaining some basic information on the auto glass damage, verifying what your insurance company will cover or not cover before you have to pay for the service, and to make sure you are in a safe location to conduct repairs to your automobile.

Window Regulator Repair

Some calls that we receive, our customers have issues with their window regulator repair where the window may have falled off track. Many of our clients want to feel safe when arranging for our mobile glass repair team to visit the home, place of work, or other location around the Woodland Hills area. As a result, we go to great lengths to thoroughly background check all of our employees (including the call staff), and we also conduct regular drug screening. Additionally, all of our mobile service teams are trained to ensure that there is no trash or glass remnants left behind in either your vehicle or the surrounding area prior to departing the job site to help give you a better “peace of mind” when asking us to visit your place of work or home.

Our highly trained team of technicians are also certified and insured to work on your automobile’s glass throughout the local area. Unlike some newer or less-than-reputable companies you might come across in the local area, we fully believe in making customer service our company’s number one priority. As a result, we do not want you to have to worry about an increase in liability by having our mobile repair teams work on your auto glass at your home, place of work, or other convenient location for you in the local area. We love to amaze our customers with our craftsmanship, quality of work, and overall experience when partnering with our team to fix the damage to your automobile’s windshield. If you have any questions regarding damage to your vehicle’s glass, please give our staff a call today. No question is too small to ask, and we are here to serve you. Our company’s policy is to always provide our customers with a free estimate for work they need done to their vehicle, and we look forward to working with you today.

(818) 264-4589