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Auto Glass Repair

Quick Service Auto Glass has been helping residents of the Woodland Hills and surrounding areas in Los Angeles with auto glass repair services for more than 10 years. Due to the extreme temperature ranges that we can see in the local area throughout the year, our company recommends that clients address glass nicks, cracks, or holes in a quick manner in order to avoid potentially having to replace a windshield or other glass window in a vehicle at a later date. Our company offers a free lifetime warranty on all of our auto glass and window tinting work, and now provide a free mobile service for our customers who might be too busy (or just don’t want to fight traffic) to visit our main garage for service. To make sure that our staff can help answer questions for you, we man our representatives around the clock and can dispatch our mobile repair team when convenient for you after obtaining some basic information on the auto glass damage, verifying what your insurance company will cover or not cover before you have to pay for the service, and to make sure you are in a safe location to conduct a quality windshield repair service to your automobile.

Many of our clients want to feel safe when arranging for our mobile glass repair team to visit the home, place of work, or other location around the Woodland Hills area. As a result, we go to great lengths to thoroughly background check all of our employees (including the call staff), and we also conduct regular drug screening. Additionally, all of our mobile service teams are trained to ensure that there is no trash or glass remnants left behind in either your vehicle or the surrounding area prior to departing the job site to help give you a better “peace of mind” when asking us to visit your place of work or home. Don’t forget we also do mobile auto car tinting in Woodland Hills as well.

Auto Glass Replacement

Over the past two decades, automotive manufacturers have changed car and truck design to make the windshield a critical part of the safety envelope for vehicles. As a result, when a consumer has a need for auto glass replacement services, he or she has to ensure that the company doing the work uses the right procedures, type of glass, and is certified to conduct work in the state of California. At Quick Service Auto Glass, we not only understand these needs, but embody them. We have more than 10 years of experience replacing auto glass in the Woodland Hills and surrounding areas of California, and know how to get auto glass replacement jobs done with the least impact to your pocket book while keeping you and your family safe.

In Woodland Hills, we can all see some fairly extreme temperature differences throughout the year compared to other locations in the LA and Orange County areas. As a result, the need to conduct a full auto glass replacement service can come up quickly depending on pre-existing damage to one’s vehicle. To best address this need, we provide a free mobile repair service and to help put your mind at ease, a lifetime warranty for our services. Not only will you feel more at ease after having damaged auto glass replaced , but you can avoid a potentially deadly ride to our shop by having our certified technicians conduct the replacement at your home, place of business, or even at destinations in between. Whether you need a full windshield replacement service or simply need to repair minor damage to one of your automobile’s windows, our technicians are here to take care of your needs.

Window Tinting

Our window tinting service is the most easiest process you can ever undertake. It all starts when you first call us to inquire about our budget-friendly prices. You will notice that you will receive great customer service right away. We don't place our customers on endless hold time that makes you feel ignored. We take the time to provide you with one-on-one services to find out more about our how we can better assist you. With our mobile auto tinting service, you will discover ways to tint your car and stay nice and cool during those hot and steamy days in Woodland Hills, Tarzana and even West Hills CA Valley areas. Let's face it, it gets really hot in the San Fernando Valley in the summer months. Why not keep the sun away and stay nice and cool?

All of our technical staff undergo a rigorous certification process ensuring that they not only follow manufacturer recommendations when replacing glass in a vehicle, but also federal and state safety regulations ensuring both our customers and the environment are kept safe when working with broken or cracked automotive glass. We also perform quality auto tinting that also comes with free mobile service and lifetime free warranty. Our company also goes to great effort to ensure that any employee you interact with has been thoroughly vetted through a rigorous background screening process in addition to being drug tested on hiring and at random intervals while working for our company. Rest assured, if you need to have auto glass replaced, our company will be able to best help you take care of this critical safety need before hitting the freeways in California again!

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